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Ganguly’s rise and fall

By both leading from the front and with macho posturing, like when he famously doffed his shirt at Lord’s, Sourav Ganguly ushered in a new era of competitiveness in Indian cricket. But after five years as the country’s most successful captain poor form and obduracy finally did him in. Cricinfo brings a recap of his captaincy saga.

September 1999 Captains India for the first time in the Coca Cola Singapore Challenge tournament, against West Indies as Sachin Tendulkar is rested due to a sore back. Brian Lara’s cameo helps West Indies win the game.

Barely a week later,
cards against humanity card list?, he leads India again in the Toronto Cricket Festival with Tendulkar skipping the tournament due to an injury against West Indies. India

clinch the series 2 1.

February 21 2000 Tendulkar announces that he will step down as captain at the end of the two test series against South Africa.

February 26 2000 Selectors name Ganguly as the captain for the ODI series against South Africa.

March 2000 Ganguly becomes full time captain as India beat South Africa in the ODI series. He scores a magnificent century and two fifties as India win by a 3 2 margin.

October 2000 Ganguly heads a bunch of youngsters in the ICC Knock Out Trophy in Kenya. A spectacular win against Australia in the league game is the highlight as India enter the final,
game cards against humanity, where they lose to New Zealand. India go to Sharjah for the Champions Trophy tournament where they get trounced in the final against Sri Lanka. Rahul Dravid leads India for the first time in the fifth and the final match of the series.

March 2001

Ganguly’s first outstanding achievement as captain. A resurgent India clinch an epic series at home against world champions Australia, after trailing 0 1, with a

thrilling two wicket win at Chennai. Ganguly’s contributions with the bat are minimal, but his aggressive, innovative leadership and heroic marshalling of the younger players usher in a new era of competitiveness for India. Further, this series signifies the strong relationship forged between Ganguly and John Wright,
cards humanity, the coach, and promises better times ahead for Team India.

July 2001

India start their bad habit of losing in the finals. In Zimbabwe, they win every league match but go on to lose the final against West Indies.

August 2001

India lose in the final of the Coca Cola Cup. The tournament marked the first time Sehwag opened the batting.

Amidst claims of a slump in batting, Ganguly hits an unbeaten 98 in the second Test against Sri Lanka at Kandy, after India again trail 0 1. Ganguly and Dravid put on 191 runs as India chase a fourth innings target of 264. Ganguly is also accused of not controlling his players, and is punished with a suspended ban for one Test match and two one day international matches. India lead England 3 2 as they face off for the sixth and final one dayer at Mumbai. Despite Ganguly’s 80, India, chasing 256, come close but lose by five runs. Andrew Flintoff takes off his shirt and runs on to the field,
cards against humanity for sale, irking Ganguly who would do his revenge act at Lord’s a few months later.

July 2002

India go to Lord’s, for the final of the Natwest Series, with an awful record of nine final losses in a row, six of them under Ganguly. But a redemption awaits them at Lord’s as Yuvraj Singh and Mohammad Kaif star in an amazing win. Ganguly doesn’t forget Flintoff’s celebration in India and does a little war dance after removing his shirt in the balcony of Lord’s.

August 2002

Ganguly scores a brilliant 128 against England in the third Test at Leeds as India rack up 628 for 8 in its first innings. India draw the series 1 1, and walk away with the plaudits after a gritty show in the series.

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About the author :PG from IIM Calcutta & Graduate from IIT Madras, R. Balaji heads Marketing and Strategy at Mahindra Finance as Vice President.

How do I get rid of a wasp nest on my porch

There are many companies that make wasp spray that will spray 25 feet. I recommend a “foaming” wasp spray because not only does it coat the wings of wasps whichs keeps them from flying but also it can expand into the small areas of the nest. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is that you should spray in the very late evening or at night. Wasps get sluggish at night and this will decrease your chances of being stung,
cards against humantiy. READ the directions on the wasp spray and follow them. You might consider wearing thick clothing that covers you completely.

Be very careful when dealing with wasps because unlike bees, a single wasp can sting over and over. If you have any doubts or concerns (or are allergic to stings) then I would recommend calling a professional exterminator.

I’m scared of wasps. When I was little a friend and I tried to burn out a wasp nest that was in his swing set. We killed all the wasps but what we didn’t count on was the other wasps coming home and defending the burning nest. We were bit up pretty bad. If you have no experience I highly suggest you either get a skilled professional or a stupid relative.

Attached below is some info I found online,
cards against humanity best.

Managing Yellow Jackets

in the Puget Sound RegionEvan A. Yellow jackets are predators and consume ten times their weight in other insects, mostly grubs and caterpillars in your garden. Therefore, they have great value as biological control agents and may be helping you. Consider this before further action.

Types of Wasps. There are two major types of wasps in this category. True jackets are about the size of a honey bee and live in paper ball like nests that may have hundreds or thousands of individuals. There are several species; some are more defensive and bothersome than others. Nests of yellow jackets can be found aerially, in trees or under eaves, or they can be found in the ground where they are typically made in the abandoned dens of rodents. The other type of wasps is wasps These are slightly larger,
cards against humanity best expansion, are more slender,
places to buy cards against humanity, and have longer legs. Their nests are smaller and consist of an umbrella shape with a single layer of comb, or cells, in which the larvae are reared. There are several species. Paper wasps are generally not as defensive as yellow jackets.

Wasp Biology. Both yellow jackets and paper wasps typically have annual colonies. This means all the wasps will eventually leave the nest by late summer or autumn and the nest will die out on its own. As summer progresses, the wasps food sources (other insects) decline, and they begin to starve. Also, they become desperate for food and begin to forage on garbage and a wide range of protein. This is when they become a serious nuisance. An exception is one exotic species in the Puget Sound area that can over winter. In this case, the nest may continue to grow over several years, attaining a gigantic size, even partial filling a closet or small room.

Problem Wasps. Sometimes you cannot tolerate wasps in your yard. If you know where the nest is, you may be able to take simple direct action. THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION but a relation of my personal experience as an entomologist, beekeeper, and wasp research scientist. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXTERMINATE WASPS without forethought, protection, and supervision.

HOW I GET RID OF AERIAL NESTS. Spraying often does not help. In the case of yellow jacket nests, most of the insects are inside and will not be contacted by the spray. They will be flying tomorrow! The effects of the spray on other organisms, especially pollinators, may be worse than the mild threat posed by the wasps. I always prefer direct physical removal. The wasps will all be in the nest at night. In a protective suit I carefully approach the nest with a double thick plastic garbage bag. I quickly clasp the bag around the nest, pull it off its attachment point, and then seal the bag. Sometimes I have to clip off a few branches from the tree to reach the nest. Once in the bag, the nest can be frozen, burned, or buried. If it is small enough to freeze I later remove the larval combs and feed them to my chickens. If I feel I have to spray I use the LEAST BEE TOXIC spray available and use only according to instructions. Once I remove a wasp nest from a ceiling space or a wall I carefully seal up the point at which the wasps entered so another colony will not form there next year.xiao cheng

HOW I GET RID OF GROUND NESTS. Appropriately protected, I approach the nest at night once I have located the entrance hole. The wasps are easily subject to drowning, so I flood the nest hole with a garden hose. Just to make sure I put a board over the entrance. In time the nest cavity may collapse and the ground will sink a little.

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About the author :PG from IIM Calcutta & Graduate from IIT Madras, R. Balaji heads Marketing and Strategy at Mahindra Finance as Vice President.

The Best Eye Creams for Sensitive Skin,
online cards against humanity

The skin around your eyes can become saggy and wrinkled as you age. Eye skin is thin and fragile, and applying an eye cream can nourish skin and help lessen the effects of aging, says Elle. However, if you have sensitive skin, some eye creams may irritate or dry out your skin. You can find products made with milder ingredients, as well as those designed especially for people with sensitive skin.

Perricone MD Neuropeptide Eye Contour

If you have sensitive skin, Nicholas Perricone, MD,
card for humanity, recommends you use an eye cream that contains neuropeptides instead of retinol, according to Elle. Retinol can be harsh on your skin,
cards against humanity cards, and Perricone says studies have shown that neuropeptides can improve “skin’s resilience, tone, and texture.” Elle recommends trying Perricone MD’s Neuropeptide Eye Contour. This eye cream promises to firm sensitive, sagging skin while lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also claims to reduce any puffiness around your eyes, as well as dark circles and other discolorations. It contains anti inflammatory and hydrating ingredients that promise to help soothe and nourish your dry, sensitive skin. The company touts that this cream will make the skin around your eyes look younger and healthier.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Firming Eye Cream

Vitamin A is the main ingredient in eye creams that contain retinol. But if your skin is too sensitive for retinol, you can still get anti aging benefits from vitamins. Vitamin C increases your skin’s collagen production, and Vitamin E calms and protects skin, according to Elle. The magazine recommends Dr. Dennis Gross’s Hydra Pure Firming Eye Cream, which claims to combat wrinkles by increasing collagen and fighting against free radicals. The company promises their cream will deeply moisturize your skin, help treat any damage around your eyes, and then work to prevent future damage from occurring. This eye cream claims to firm your skin as soon as you apply it, as well as detoxify and rid your skin of impurities.

Neutrogena Clinical Eye Lift Contouring Treatment

Eye creams can help nourish and firm the skin on your eyelids as well,
where can you get cards against humanity, and products like Neutrogena Clinical Eye Lift Contouring Treatment have been designed especially for eyelid skin, according to Marie Claire. Some firming products may contain caffeine, which can dry out or irritate sensitive skin. However, Neutrogena’s gel serum promises to moisturize eyelid skin while also firming. It claims it will smooth skin that has sagged due to lost collagen and work to reshape the area around your eyes, making the skin appear brighter and smoother. The company states that this effective but gentle product can be used everyday to minimize lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging around your eyes.

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free finish for transparent surfaces

By using hollow silica nanoparticles that resemble raspberries, scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences were able to apply a clear,
game cards against humanity, slick, water repellent surface to glass.jumps combos

This is significant in material fields because it means that after modifying low surface energy materials and creating surface textures on them, surfaces can be made to exhibit completely different wetting characteristics either repelling or attracting moisture.

As described by the scientists in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) journal Applied Physics Letters, these surfaces show good anti fogging and light transmittance properties before and after chemical modification, which should help pave the way to a clearer, fog free performance for windshields,
cards against humanty, windows, solar cells and panels, LEDs, and even TVs, tablets, and cell phone screens.

Smart surface coatings are highly desirable, especially for solar cells and panels,
cards with humanity, which frequently lose up to 40 percent of their efficiency to dust and dirt buildup within a year of installation. The next challenge the scientists face is figuring out how to move the smart surfaces from the lab to industry in a cost efficient manner. nuclear waste dump blamed on staff vacancyOregon sues Oracle,
Cards Against Humanity, claiming fraud over failed Obamacare website.

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About the author :PG from IIM Calcutta & Graduate from IIT Madras, R. Balaji heads Marketing and Strategy at Mahindra Finance as Vice President.

Jenson Button move on from Twitter furore

Button, the 2009 champion whose car’s performance was also highlighted on the telemetry, won the race at Spa but said afterwards that he was ‘disappointed’ with his team mate.

“I haven’t spoken to him,
citizens against humanity, don’t plan to, moved on from it,” said Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix. “Obviously it wasn’t the best thing to do and it won’t happen again,
free cards against humanity, so move forward and focus on this race.”

“I thought it was important to say how I felt. It’s very easy to not say anything,
against humanity,” he explained. “It’s also better because when you say something you can clear it up quicker.

“It’s a pity I didn’t get to see Lewis after the race. We had a picture together, and that was it. I didn’t see him after that.”

Adam Scott,
playing cards against humanity, Cameron Tringale tied for the lead at Barclays 4 hours 43 minutes agoUS Open 2014: What to watch at year’s last Grand Slam 5 hours 25 minutes agoSerena to face Townsend in US Open 1st round, tough draw for Djokovic 5 hours 46 minutes agoRosol to play Janowicz in Winston Salem final 6 hours 0 minutes agoKvitova, Rybarikova to meet in Connecticut Open final 6 hours 16 minutes agoChampions Manchester City host title pretenders Liverpool 6 hours 16 minutes agoMcIlroy gives himself a shot with some Barclays practice 6 hours 28 minutes agoAtletico Madrid beat Real Madrid to lift Spanish Super Cup 7 hours 4 minutes agoJaipur beat Delhi to assure semis berth in Pro Kabaddi League 15 hours 51 minutes agoSaina Nehwal hoping for a good run at the World Championships 16 hours 5 minutes agoIndian hockey team keen to end 16 year wait for Asian Games gold 16 hours 12 minutes agoSardar Singh leads Indian hockey team’s ice bucket challenge 16 hours 23 minutes agoIndian shooters aim for Olympic quota 16 hours 43 minutes agoI have gone from ‘king of Manchester’ to ‘devil’, says Louis van Gaal 17 hours 40 minutes agoMarcos Rojo must wait for Manchester United debut 17 hours 54 minutes agoLewis Hamilton beats Nico Rosberg in 2nd Belgian Grand Prix practice 18 hours 45 minutes agoLeicester City not to be under estimated, says Jose Mourinho 19 hours 49 minutes agoSwansea sign Tottenham’s Tom Carroll on loan 20 hours 35 minutes agoHarry Redknapp expects good reception on return to Tottenham 21 hours 47 minutes agoPune Indian Super League franchise unveils team jersey 21 hours 57 minutes agoGreece striker Georgios Samaras signs for West Bromwich 22 hours 5 minutes agoKolkata all set for the Indian Super League kick off 22 hours 22 minutes agoWorking on stamina, technique to win gold in Asiad: Vinesh Phogat 22 hours 28 minutes agoBarcelona striker Neymar injures left ankle 23 hours 7 minutes agoNico Rosberg best in 1st practice session at Belgian GP 23 hours 27 minutes agoYuki, Sanam also lose; no Indian in US Open singles event 23 hours 36 minutes agoGermany’s Manuel Friedrich to power Mumbai Franchise in ISL 23 hours 44 minutes agoMax Chilton reinstated for Marussia at Belgian Grand Prix 23 hours 47 minutes agoFormula One has no argument with Russia, says Ecclestone 23 hours 53 minutes agoAtletico Madrid can’t compete with Real Madrid, Barcelona: Coach Yesterday.

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About the author :PG from IIM Calcutta & Graduate from IIT Madras, R. Balaji heads Marketing and Strategy at Mahindra Finance as Vice President.

How To Get Started In Import Export

Certainly, it is the goal of any country to export products to other countries in the world. Aside from the fact that this endeavor boosts up economy, it is also a way of promoting the country. Some of the most successful economies in the world can be attributed to a successful trading venture,
cards against humanity in store?, covering both exports and imports. However, being in an import and export business takes a lot of skills and qualities that are essentially important for the success of the business.inflatable jumping castle

cards against humanity all expansions, there may be a lot of potential products for export, but knowing this is not enough. For trading to be optimum, it is advisable to involve in import as well. Although starting an export import business may not be that easy,
places to buy cards against humanity, there are a number of tips that could help you in getting started.

One of the first things that need to be done in setting up an import export business is to check industry directories from foreign countries for possible import export activities. Usually, consulates and embassies have a list of manufacturers and industries of all kinds and types. Thus,
blank cards against humanity?, these are good places to start.

In importing goods, you need to communicate with the particular country’s consulate in your own country to establish the products that you want from their country. If you are not yet certain of the particular products that you would want to import from a specific country, you can always ask for a list of their products to help you in deciding which ones to choose.

After identifying the products that you want to import, you should consult your country’s taxation department about acquiring a registration number and complying with other requirements that are necessary of an import export business in your country. Requirements may vary from country to country, as well as with the rules, that is why it is advisable to seek the advice of your local taxation department for these. Moreover, a license might be needed for certain products that you are planning to import or export. Thus, it is also important to inquire about licensing requirements.inflatable slide

After ironing things out with the taxation and licensing departments, it is essential to check the trading relationship between your country and the particular countries that you have identified. This is important because there some embargoes that are set up against other countries. When this is the case, there can be some restrictions against goods from your country, and vice versa.

Participating in local Chambers of Commerce also helps in setting up an import export business. Aside from the fact that you can establish networking by participating in these chambers, you can also have access to libraries and other sources for good trading information.

Employing custom brokers also helps in getting started. Whether you like it or not, small businesses that do their own paperworks may run into delays at borders. Thus in order to avoid delays and mistakes which might result into fines, it is advisable to use custom brokers.

Finally, in the import export business, no specific shipping and customs handling work for all situations; thus, you should be prepared for diversions and detours that might happen along the way. Being adept with Incoterms definitely helps you understand standard definitions and custom.

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Lee’s future lies in ODIs

Australia coach Tim Nielsen said it would be a challenge for Brett Lee to make his comeback in Test cricket but feels the pacer has still got a big role to play in shorter forms of the game.

Nielsen said the 32 year old fast bowler was still a strong contender for a spot in Australia’s One day side but considering his age and absence from Test cricket since December, 2008, Lee’s Test place is not certain.

“If Brett (Lee) wants to play international cricket there’s no doubt he’s got a massive role in our One day side,” Nielsen was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press, a Melbourne based news agency.

“Test cricket will be a challenge for him,
cards against humanity online game, he hasn’t played it for 12 or 14 months now and just his body being that much older and not having that huge amount of cricket is going to be harder for him,
funny cards against humanity,” he said.

“But there’s no doubt he’s still got the quality. His bowling in the Champions Trophy (last year) was instrumental for us winning that major event. If he’s keen and ready to go it won’t be long before you see him back,
cards against humanity print,” the Aussie coach added.

cards against humanity price?, who has taken 310 wickets in 76 Tests and claimed 324 ODI scalps from 186 matches, is recovering from an elbow surgery and is unsure when he will return to bowling again. Republication or redistribution of PTI content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent.

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About the author :PG from IIM Calcutta & Graduate from IIT Madras, R. Balaji heads Marketing and Strategy at Mahindra Finance as Vice President.

Importance of Vacations

These days if someone raised the importance of vacations, he’d get a sigh or a shrug because with the economic downturn and the roller coaster state of our wallets, it seems hardly appropriate to talk about vacations. But major expense or not, vacations are important

The 1 reason is health. For those who are cynical, most health magazines and journals report that research has proven repeatedly that vacations are good for our physical and mental health. We’ll be more specific:

Stress we’ve tried breathing techniques,
cards against humanity for sale, meditation and visualization techniques to ward off stress perfect ways to de stress but it might do us a world of good if we got away at least once a year. We’re not advocating a global tour. There are benefits to just leaving home and going to a place where nothing reminds you of the conundrum of life. Sure, home is where the heart is, but once a year, we’ve got to take good care of that heart. By breaking with routine, meeting people, doing different activities, and letting our eyes feast on new surroundings, we put stress on the backburner even for just a week or two. When we come back from vacation, we can face stress again, this time with renewed vigor.

Fact: stress is directly related to heart disease. A Newsweek feature story entitled The New Sciences of Mind and Body as reviewed by Teresa Goldin in 2004 said that “There is evidence that stress is correlated with heart disease (among many medical problems) and that reduced or managed stress can boost one’s immune system and help control diabetes. According to Newsweek,
free cards against humanity, experts claim that 60 90 percent of doctor visits are stress related.”

New behaviour engaging in new behavior is like wearing a new dress. When we go on vacation, we stimulate our five senses and do things that are not part of our tired and boring routine. If we choose a vacation where physical activity is encouraged (like the Club Med vacation packages that are popular), we use muscles and reflexes that otherwise we would not use. We knew an individual who was a workaholic. She loved her work and argued that her work was sheer pleasure, whereas the idea of going on vacation would be hard work for her. At the insistence of her family, she reluctantly joined a backpacking tour and when she came back two weeks later,
cards against humanity cheap, she was a changed person. She said that she didn’t think mountains had anything to offer except rocks and vegetation, but she enjoyed every minute of those mountain walks and the panoramic views that put color back into her cheeks and back into her life. She signed up for next year’s tour.

Solitude it may sound contradictory but solitude can restore our faith in humanity. If the kind of work you do is people related where you spend eight to ten hours a day talking to people on the phone, pitching to clients, traipsing from one meeting to another, you need to have solo time. The constant interaction with people could burn you out because you don’t have much time to think inwards. Taking a vacation in a remote island where you can enjoy your own company can make you reflect about how fortunate you are to be in the company of friends and strangers day in and day out but you need to get away from them to appreciate that!

Compensation for hard work enjoying the rewards of our hard work is indispensable. Our work defines us, but we need to define and distinguish what is work and what is play. You know the adage, all work and no play makes a man dull. Let the money you’ve earned work for you this time. Splurge and pamper yourself. Knowing that you have the financial resources to take time off is a good feeling; thousands of people would give anything to have that feeling.inflatable bounce house

Broadened horizons even the cheapest and least exotic vacations can enlighten our minds and open our souls. There is always something to be learned, to wonder about and to admire. By visiting places we’ve never been to before, our mind absorbs new knowledge. The ability to share that knowledge with friends and family makes us more interesting, more connected.

Renewal of ties and bonds our hectic lives make us forget the need to renew ties with family and friends. By taking a step back from our daily grind, we remind ourselves that there are other people in our orbit who deserve and need our attention. By visiting family at least once a year, we realize that there are people we can turn to should a family crisis occur. Also, by taking our children on vacation, we genuinely communicate with them and address their concerns one on one. At home, we get distracted by the flat tire, the broken water heater, the unpaid bills and the PTA meetings.velcro wall for sale

Importance of Vacations: Going on a Shoestring Budget

If you can’t afford a global tour or a Caribbean cruise where you can put on some flip flops, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not an excuse either to postpone your vacation.

There are inexpensive ways to take that much needed breather. Our suggestions

Farm visits a wonderful thing about the North American continent is that you can take the car for a spin and in about an hour you’re in a rustic village or a vast expanse of land. You can take the family on a vegetable or animal farm and live the agricultural life for a week or two. This will give you a chance not only to break from city routine, but also improve your diet as you’ll be eating fresh produce straight from mother earth.inflatable slides

Back roads and B no matter what state or province you live in, you have next door neighbours that you can reach by taking old and forgotten back roads. You might stumble on a quaint bed and breakfast that your family will enjoy. Sit down, take a map, and jot down four or five places you can visit. Then plan a journey from east to west or vice versa; or from north to south and then see if you can find some B on that stretch. The beauty of this is that you could discover charming villages and old taverns that serve a good homemade soup with sizzling steaks. For example, if you live in Vermont, you could go to Quebec, New York or New Hampshire. If you live in Fredericton in New Brunswick, you can snake your way down Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, or snake up to Edmunston (NB) or go sideways either to Maine or Charlottetown,
cards aganist humanity, Prince Edward Island.

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About the author :PG from IIM Calcutta & Graduate from IIT Madras, R. Balaji heads Marketing and Strategy at Mahindra Finance as Vice President.

Is lemon good for skin,
cards against humanity card game

What is a good vitamin for skin? Wondering if anyone take any vitamins that improved your skin. Lemon essential oil seems to be fine for brittle and breaking nails, just mix a few drops into some nourishing natural oil like olive or other. If you eat lemon, put some lemon juice on your salad or in your lemonade,
cards aganist humanity, you also do good to your skin. Lemon is full of Vitamin C,
game cards against humanity, which is considered a powerful antioxidant. It keeps your skin young and healthy, because it promotes the formation of natural collagen.jumping castle for sale sydney

What are the best foods to eat for healthy skin,
free cards against humanity? What are the worst?

Can you give me a list of foods that are good for healthy skin? Also explain what it is that make them good for your skin, not just “bananas and garlic are good”. And what are the worst foods you. If I don my skin starts to flake and get bumpy. My skin is also sensitive. I have tried foundations in the past and they create my skin to flake. I have tried.

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About the author :PG from IIM Calcutta & Graduate from IIT Madras, R. Balaji heads Marketing and Strategy at Mahindra Finance as Vice President.

Skoda octavia gear knob,
against humanity

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